Monday, February 06, 2006

California is cold and damp/found while unpacking

Found some poetic objects made by Tracy McTague while unpacking. Perhaps on lunch break I shall try to say something about them. Hooray!

Also found a copy, if it can be called that, of Tealight Ballet, by L.A. Phillips & William R. Howe. It's really a performance piece. I have not been brave enough to do it. One of the instructions is "Set hair on fire," although it just occured to me that it doesn't have to be my hair. The rest of the piece can also involve some joyous dancing around while waving a glittery pencil with a plastic dinosaur at the top. I have done this part.

I also found my magnetic Buddha statue and the green parrot finger puppet that I wore to the MLA reading.

Recent jobs I have applied to/for:

  • Travel Professional
  • Sales Associate
  • Program Coordinator
  • Editor
  • Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Copyeditor
  • Animal Care Technician
  • Salon Receptionist
  • Spa Receptionist (I want to work at the spa!!!!!!)
  • Teacher

Then, when I have a job and a paycheck, I'll be able to afford postage, and I will mail everyone the postcards and books they have requested and ordered.


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