Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Still job hunting. There are ads for "Phlebotomists" everywhere. Ads about training to become a phlebotomy assistant. Plebotomy is the scientific term for bloodletting. Is this really what they mean? Why is plebotomy so popular in southern California?


Jessica Smith said...

that's creepy, but wouldn't it be cool to tell people you were a phlebotomist? (the lovely line from Dracula... "I don't drink..... wine.") if you can't find a job, you can just move back. i miss you!

i do want an answer to ray's question about whether you think lester knew he was flying. it's good that you told the people next to you that you had a parrot so they didn't freak out. the last time i was on the plane i took Piggy with me and strapped him into the seat beside me, and when people came to sit in the seats they looked at piggy (i was engrossed in my book) and looked querical (is that a word?) and they were like, "uh... we have these seats" and i was like, "there must be some mistake." but i couldn't restrain myself very long so it ended up being less funny than strange and distrubing.

send pictures! the beach the house the happy bird!

Ray said...

phlebotomists DRAW blood. it's not quite the same thing as blood-letting! it's much more boring. they TAKE your blood so they can test it to make sure you are healthy. (or maybe that is all a cover-up and they really take your blood for some malevolent secret purpose...)

yes! pictures!