Wednesday, January 04, 2006


What is Gong Li doing these days? Every Zhang Yimou movie she did was fabulous, but I'm partial to "Shanghai Triad" and "To Live."

I'm now down to uncatagorizable stuff. The last three boxes I packed I labled "L's Misc."

Hey everyone better come to drink and walk tomorrow, or else find a way of hanging out on Saturday.

Here's what some I wrote last month. It mentions cuticles. I think my poems are getting more and more goofy as the move approaches:

May I not go to the white, toothless, toothless, white and slimy--may I not go to the slimy!

About the slimy:

I don't really know anything about it. Gods move into our bodies, of course, even into the thing that hangs in the back of our mouth. They live in our cuticles. Beware!


Jessica Smith said...

what are you doing tomorrow? i'll be around at night, do you want to get dinner with me and tom?

-k said...

I am going to look at galleries on 14th w/ Mel and then we're headed to Dr. & Walk...

Jessica Smith said...

i'm confused.

tmorange said...

here's what gong li is doing these days