Friday, January 06, 2006

Box Queen

We're packing up the computer this evening, so I won't be on line for a few weeks, and I certainly won't be blogging--too bad, it's a good way to deal with all the weird energy that moving seems to create for me. Doubtless you'll all get along just fine. Here's a recent installment from the long campy poem I seem to keep writing:

Learning about names involves arithmatic, treasure-finding, and how to make portents. It also requires knowledge of ghosts and constellations. But really this isn't quite enough, one needs knowlege of the divine and also the divine who are serpents and also other elements. It's clear we need to talk about this. Here is one possible discussion we might have:

Q: How do you find a treasure?
A: I ask someone
Q: What do you know of ghosts?
A: They are complicated and sometimes spooky, as are people who are serpants.
Q: Really?
A: Worms, flying things, and ants are also complicated.
Q: What do they think about?
A: Myrobalans and terminalia seeds. They think of them and they come to us.
Q: Oh.

At this point, we return to nourishment: "oh bliss oh bliss I am food I am food I am the eater of food and the maker of verse!"

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Jessica Smith said...

oh, lorraine! i'm so sad. you're great. i'm hereby moving your folder of emails from "mid-atlantic" to "west coast"

you'd think i'd have something better to say on the last blog comment you'll read in awhile, but i don't really. affection. admiration. fun. empathy. respect. trust. you know all this.