Monday, January 02, 2006

more things found while packing/I'm not at work

Found an old old list called "reasons why detachable breasts are a good idea."

I'm not teaching today, but I'm packing. I think that I'd rather be teaching--packing is a bore, and the whole process is dusty.

New Year's eve was excellent:

If you look closely at my jawbone under my ear, you can see where Ray gave me a smooch! At midnight, we all toasted to everything, including colors, stalagtites and stalagmites, all sentient beings, and spines. I did some airballet dancing to some poems, but I don't remember which ones. It must have been quite ridiculous. Ray, Jessica and I and some other folks had a long conversation while lying on everyone's coats, and Ray told lots of stories. The food was yum and everyone danced and said strange things. Really, it was total love! I'll save the rest of my sentimental musings for later.

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Jessica Smith said...

Speaking of Love, lovely picture, Lorraine, you look so sophisticated and new-year's-eve-y. Skol to stalagtites and -mites! You're the best to be drunk with!