Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Titles are difficult

What came in the mail yesterday: a cutout of Lester (sky blue/clouds over canary yellow) flying in the California sun and a news article about the parrot named Sunshine who attacked a man who broke into his (and his human friend's) apartment, both from Ray.

No books. However, I did unpack (or maybe I'd already unpacked it, but I found it again, whatever) The Heavenly Twins, by Madame Sarah Grande.

I'm in the process of applying for a community college job--I'm really very interested in community college teaching, but cc application forms rival those of the government for sheer bureaucratic ridiculousness.

I made some corn bread pudding/corn spoon bread/corn bread like the kind you can get in Mexico--almost like pudding a little sweet with corn, masa harina and stone-ground cornmeal it was good.

I sent a revised track list to narrow house recordings yesterday--now I just have to finish paragraph or so of text for the inside. At first I told justin simply to call the chapdisk "It does not go back." This is the default title because it is the default title of one of the serial poems on it, the one I wrote with the Rand McNally road atlas. Anything with maps is ok with me, but I'm going to spend a moment thinking of other titles.

These 1rst three are all just phrases pulled from the map poems:

  • it does not go back
  • mainland vs.
  • moving walkways
  • squares labeled (or square labels)
  • demons arrive (title of the first poem)
  • see it everywhere (I'm kind of fond of this one, maybe, it's from the last poem on the disk)



tmorange said...

i like "it does not go back"


K. Lorraine Graham said...

Mmm, I think I'll probably call it that. You know how when you repeat something over and over to yourself it begins to sound even stranger than it is?

Jessica Smith said...

"it does not go back" sounds like a line missing from a laura riding poem. so i like that.

my 2nd choice is demons arrive
and my 3rd choice is see it everywhere.

pretty pictures :)

Ray said...

I, in my expertise, like 'See it everywhere'.

Did Lester bite my drawing? I bet he did.

Jessica Smith said...

ray, you are a genius with the scissors.

maybe you and ray have the right instinct about see it everywhere. maybe "it does not go back" sounds too inflexible.

i don't know why i'm chiming in here, i am the worst at titles. the gal who named "terminal humming" obviously knows what she's doing.

Rod Smith said...

see it everywhere