Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Very little critical thought at the moment

Still packing. Lester's been alternately quiet and grumpy, but he still sings in the shower, so all is well. Today I packed up--with excessive bubble wrap--some wood carvings from Papua New Guinea, Bali, and New Zealand. I left the drum at my mom's. I've been having beach/flying drams where these artifacts show up and ask me questions like, "what is the proper way to fly?" and "do you prefer to fly in the morning or at dusk?" There's often a moment where everyone sings.

There's one mask in particular that always sings. It looks kind of like the one in the picture, except that the wood is much darker and it/he/she has cowry shell eyes. I can't take a picture of the one I have because it/he/she is now packed.

Lester has started to sing.

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