Thursday, January 05, 2006

I guess after I move

I have to get a hold of these Factory School publications. I guess I must embrace the west coast and be less ironic, sarcastic, and biting. It's not too late for me to cultivate a gentle, nurturing personality.

Heretical Texts: This series begins with, and intends to investigate, the assumption that poetry is political. Inherent to the Heretical Texts mission is a focused imagining of 'political poetry' as a form of public intervention, invention, and invocation that calls on (and up) language to call out a public, a people. Heretical Texts will appear in four volumes of five books each over the course of two years.

The complete first volume of is available for $40=20(direct from publisher) and includes:

1. Dan Featherston, United States
2. Laura Elrick, Fantasies in Permeable Structures
3. Linh Dinh, Borderless Bodies
4. Sarah Menefee, Human Star
5. kari edwards, obedience

Volume Two (spring 2006) will feature work by Steve Carll, Carol Mirakove, Diane Ward, Brian Kim Stefans, and Kristin Prevallet.


Jessica Smith said...

heretical texts sounds promising.
i think when we kidnap you, we'll open a very large atlas to a random page--where it falls open on its own--and you'll, blindfolded, point to a place on the map. i think this is the way it is done.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

I was ready to be bored with the whole idea and not order any of them (feeling bratty), but I like all of those writers, and "Fantasies in Permeable Structures" is an intriquing title.