Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy New Year

Mark and I took a walk around San Elijo Lagoon yesterday, where we saw some killdeer. It's a favorite spot for snowy egrets, great egrets, and great blue herons, but it's the wrong time of year.
There is also a pair of red-tailed hawks, but we didn't see them. We did see/hear hummingbirds and many other sentient friends. But we weren't really birdwatching either. Lots of eucalyptus trees which smelled wonderful. I now realize that I've been smelling eucalyptus since I arrived.

We ate a huge brunch at Hershel's, which, along with that Malaysian place in DC, is the greatest resturant to happen to me in the past six months, at least.

Saw Cat People, the 1942 version staring Simone Simone, directed by Jacques Tourneur, and produced by Val Lewton. I know nothing about 1940s flim, and since we, sigh, have cable, I've decided I will watch as many interesting things as I can.

Still haven't unpacked all the books. I already mentioned that I'm starting Madame Sarah Grande's The Heavenly Twins, but I also found a copy of Portrait of a Man Unknown by Nathalie Sarraute. I've been reading the obvious modernist novelists so why not read from the late 19th century and the 1950s?

G-d, I'm tired and have no excuse. Here are some examples of the current available jobs. Or maybe I'll work for SEIU.

Went to the dougnut shopt this morning, the owners are Cantonese-speakers, and they were all dressed-up in orange and maroon/purple New Year clothing.

The only thing I can really say anymore in Cantonese is "Happy New Year," so I said it and then asked if they spoke any Mandarin. They do! This makes me very happy, and their doughnuts are excellent.

I Heart shorebirds!


Jessica Smith said...

eucalyptus is one of the best smells. i'm glad you can practice your chinese. how does it feel to be on The Ring again? Profound? those gulls have lovely red-orange beaks. what species?

i just figured this out, perhaps you have known it for awhile, but there are now Sibley field guides (rather than just the monster reference books) for East & West coast birds.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

No, I just learned about Sibley field guides for East & West coast birds--will buy one as soon as possible. My mom gave me a guide to California flora and fauna, which is a great general reference, but not specific to birds, of course.

The gull looks like a Red-billed Gull (Larus scopulinus), except that Larus Scopulinus has red legs, and this gull didn't.

Ray said...

I love seagulls. They are my favorite birds. I said this just last night and everybody started talking about how they are scavengers and are ugly in Disney movies and are obnoxious. I love you girls.