Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I am too easily swayed by Capitalist travel photo essays

I didn't check the mail yesterday and I doubt anything's come that isn't a bill. Lester is in the living room practicing some new sounds, and I'm eating boiled eggs and toast because I don't want to use up all the milk.

I'm going to here Claudia Rankine read in UCSDs New Writing Series, this Wednesday.

More Elenor Antin!

And I'm sorry I bought some California wine to bring to dinner on Thursday, although doubtless this happens in other parts of the world. Maybe I'll go back to drinking French stuff that's produced on estates that have been around for hundreds of years, instead of ones that destroy the wildlife. The folks on Howell Mountain supposedly do right by the grape-eating bears in the region, so I'll look for a bottle from one of their vinyards the next time I'm on the market.

In "Far Papua," the papuan province of Indonesia, there was an anti Indonesian demonstration. Finally, news from the PNG western highlands is, as usual, not good.

And this makes me want to go to Uzbekistan all the more.

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tmorange said...

tom raworth at UCSD!