Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Think thoughts

I'm eating buckwheat for breakfast. It's like oatmeal, except it's buckwheat--Lester's wary of it, but he'll come 'round eventually. I think I overcooked it--it's a bit too mushy. Coffee's good, though. I've been checking in on some food blogs recently, The Traveller's Lunchbox is my favorite.

It's the morning, so I'm looking at job announcements as well. I'm attempting to find work at the International Rescue Committee, probably by teaching English and/or "life skills"--the IRC in San Diego has special programs for women and children, and I'm interested in that. Ray--you might be interested in something like this. They have DC offices and offices all over the world. I'm also looking at a place called The Synergos Institute. Don't know enough about them yet, though.

Lester has been very happy over the past few days. The boxes don't seem to bother him. They bother me.

Think thoughts for the folks trapped or dead in the mine in West Virginia.


Ray said...

I'm glad that the boxes don't bother Lester. Then he doesn't need this advice. But you do! This is what I do when things bother me. First, I take off my glasses for a while. Then everything is fuzzy and blurred together and funny. And it doesn't bother me. Then, I put my glasses back on. Then, the entire world is so detailed and crystal clear that everything is amazing and lovely. So it doesn't bother me either!

Ray said...

Lorraine, the IRC website looks AMAZING!!! I am so excited to job search there.