Monday, January 30, 2006

Bourgeois Hell

My recent move to southern California and the endless but especially recent musings on poetry and politics, political poetry, etc have made me want to approach this issue from another perspective. I don't like our current president, and I don't like this administration, but I'm also convinced both are symptoms of things that are much more disturbing. With all this in mind, I've started another blog:

Bourgeois Hell

For now I just want comments on the questions or topics posted. But I suppose if there is actual interest, then I could post other people's responses (essays, poems, stories, pictures, off-the cuff remarks) or have guest bloggers.

But there's no need to get ahead of myself. This is a project that is dependent upon input from others, so it will probably fail, since we're all a bunch of asocial weirdos. But if you're nice you'll help me publicize this.

My first question is oh-so-basic: how do you feel about dinner on Sunday? Tell me about it!

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