Sunday, January 22, 2006

Around Carlsbad

Lester is well and back to his singing, beakchewing, fathead, fakeattack ways. I don't think he knew he was flying, but he understood he was moving in a way somewhat similar to being in the car. I didn't have a windowseat on the plane, otherwise, I would have let him look out:

Deep in the wilderness of the apartment lies the bedroom:

The beach (hey, why does beach usually have a deffinite article?) is two blocks from where I live. I'm quite shocked every time I go for a walk:

And parked by the beach are cars like this:

The train comes through town a few times every hour--reminds me of Delray, although this car is a deffinite California car:

This is what can happen inland:

Batiquitos Lagoon, a few minutes south from where we live. There are two great blue herons living here, where the hum on highway 5 is still pretty loud:


ike said...

did you go back in time? i feel like you went back in time.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

It does look like I could almost be in the wilderness in that last picture, but really I'm just a few minutes away from like, a six lane freeway.