Friday, June 08, 2007

There were a few shots of Muscat post-typhoon on the weather channel yesterday evening.

Flooding, mostly. The news is mostly about what the typhoon will do to oil production. Oman isn't a huge producer of oil compared with some of its neighbors, but it does produce some.

I'm making a kind of kibbeh for dinner this evening--one that doesn't need to be put in a pastry crust or fried--instead, it will be baked and then have a topping of some sort, I haven't decided what. Mincing the lamb meat last night proved more than my food processor could handle, so I ended up cutting it and then pounding it with my potato masher while Mark and I hung out and watched basketball.

Lester has a feather stuck in his nose. I'd thought he was finished molting, but he had several new pin feathers this week, so he's been taking a lot of showers. Warm water helps soften the waxy stuff around the new feathers so it comes off easier during preening. And Lester enjoys bathing even when he's not molting.

I'm tutoring and working on a web page for someone today. On Tuesday I go back to teaching ESOL in the morning. I'll be glad to teach again, not so glad to get up at 6:30.

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