Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The balcony is finished more or less





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AB said...

I've had hives, usually severe, usually combined with swelling of joints, etc. -- & ALWAYS a result of a stress cocktail: virus + allergies + emotional upset -- for example, the most severe case happened after being caught with my (then) infant in an ugly tornado while also very ill with a virus, during allergy season.

what has worked for me:

zyrtek (the first time only, and combined with something else I can't remember -- an h2? blocker)

claritin (barely holding them in check, ie, keeping them from climbing up to my earlobes, but not making them disappear)

steroids (a seven day taper -- only partially working)

beta blockers combined with steroids & antihistamines (yay! this stopped them completely)

Before they were gone, benedryl totally helped me sleep & heat and hot baths made them worse (so I kept everything very cool).

From what I understand, hives have some connection to the circulation of histamines in the blood -- which is why exercise and freaking out can make them worse and blood pressure medicine can make them better. I actually seem to have a histamine reaction to viral shedding from colds and such, which I guess is not that uncommon, but the adrenelin & cortisal from stress makes the blood (& histamines) boil. So don't be vigorous, don't exercise a lot, do breathe & meditate & visualize your body as a VERY STILL POOL.

& find a good doctor or nurse practitioner as soon as you can so they don't become chronic. It could be a steroid shot will end them immediately.

Of all sucky things, hives truly do suck.