Monday, June 04, 2007

I agree with Obama, most people don't need an inscentive to get health care.

I wasn't hear to witness it (Mark was), but a jay attacked the finch nest, so the babies fledged a bit early, and one of them didn't make it. Mark did chase away the jay, but it followed them to the bushes. The finches did rally--which is why two of the nestlings did survive.

There are a few hawks in the area right now, but they seem mostly to be focused on the young crows and ravens. Everyone needs to eat, and the predators and scavengers need to get a break every so often.


Ryan W. said...

I saw the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill the other day and it made me realize I don't give Arnold enough credit and have not been nice enough to him. He used to dance exactly like the parrot named... what was it, Mingus. Yes. But Arnold would only dance to my acoustic guitar, and not to the stereo. Perhaps because he needed to both hear something and see the motion that was making the sound, or maybe the music coming out of the stereo is too complicated. Arnold hasn't danced in a long time b/c I haven't played the guitar in a long time.

Small Fry said...

Arnold will be your friend for a long time if you're willing.