Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I need to fold my laundry

Ok, my immersion blender cannot do everything. Eventually I will need to get a food processor, and not a small one, but a larger one.

Also, I need sumac and bulgur. In bulk. And I should have brought a lot more Iranian saffron home with me from Oman.

I found a recipe for a kind of paste/dip that would probably be good with goat cheese--anchovies and figs and other things. It is such a weird combination that I might have to try it. After years of thinking most canned fish other than tuna was gross, I'm now coming to like anchovies and sardines.

In fact, I like any ingredient that is basic and can do a lot to a dish with minimal effort. Other examples: prosciutto, olives, feta (most kinds of strong cheese in the right context), garlic, roasted peppers, mushrooms (dried and reconstituted or fresh) a good chili powder (preferably one you ground yourself), bharat....


kevin.thurston said...

anchovies i've gone quite batty over too--so much flavor

a friend of mine hates them, but will use fish sauce, which is like anchovy concentrate

i consider that to be nurture, not nature

Small Fry said...

Yes, so much flavor!