Saturday, June 09, 2007

I know that no one gives a(n) (explicative) about Oman but

My family is OK. The cyclone hit them on Tuesday night and continued through Wednesday. Their home had mostly water damage, only, but they spent most of the night holed up in a small bathroom--the driest room in the house. According to Mary, my sisters were great-- the whole thing was "an adventure in their eyes." I'm so proud of them! They're in a hotel now as the house has no water or power, but will eventually be habitable again.

Several of our friends in Muscat live near or more or less in wadis (dry river beds), and they really did loose everything--their entire homes/neighborhoods were flooded.

Dad arrived back in Muscat from Sohar on Thursday morning. Normally I'm not pro huge cars and 4 wheel drives, but in this case they proved to be essential.


L.A. Howe said...

not true--have been thinking about you, oman, and yr family. sure you were worried about them, and very glad they are okay. also very sorry to read friends lost their possessions. is there help there for them?

Small Fry said...

Thanks Lisa! I don't have many details, so I don't know who lost what or what will get done. Mary did say that Oman was pretty organized about both evacuations and now the process of cleaning up, so that bodes well.