Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Save Me

Today I listened to two people talk about herb cleansing diets and mantras as ways to cure my hives and calm my stomach. I've always had hippie and new age tendencies, but this is a new level for me. What does it mean?

I'm desperate
I'm adjusting to culture around here
I've always been this way but am more relaxed now

Yoga is also messing with my vocabulary. I use words like "joy" and "abundance." I tell people that I am "mindful" of certain things. I hope this language doesn't lead to bad poetry.

Maybe I should write "yoga" poems! Thinking I should have a look at Chris Stroffolino's Cusps.

1 comment:

Jessica Smith said...

yeah.. i tried some "master cleanse fast" or something... i couldn't handle it... if you find a good one that also lets you eat something, let me know. i'm feeling in need of cleansing.