Saturday, June 16, 2007

I still have hives


I still have them. The hives, I mean.

Mark took me out for a birthday dinner! We were going to take the bus to a Cuban place in Oceanside, but the bus never came, so we went and had some Italian food in Carlsbad at Caldo Pomodoro. It was pretty good, although nothing astounding, but it was good to have something of a night out.

My binoculars came in the mail today!

We went hiking today!

I have hives. Still.

My left hamstring hurts. I did an asana practice on my own yesterday, but I don't think I cooled down correctly. The Anusara Yoga 101 with John Friend moves too slowly for me, so maybe I'll go back to an Ashtanga primary series for my home practice. I need sun salutations to get warm--otherwise I don't have any hope of getting into the most basic of asanas. Except for inversions and back bends--those I can randomly do no matter what.

Actually, I'm in a good mood. But this is not the best blog post. Ever.


mike said...

I've got some cousins in Oceanside. I haven't seen them since they moved there. Don't get caught up in that!

Small Fry said...

I'm not getting involved with anyone's cousins.