Saturday, December 17, 2005

Noodle arm narcissistic teacher

Look, I'm a teacher! Ahh! My students asked me to dress up. I do dress up, just not for work. However, I chose to appease them. So here I am, all dressed up. I thought I looked nice but a bit tartish for school. You can't see it in this picture, but my skirt was too tight to be "professional." Everyone liked it, of course. My hair has gotten so long!

My noodle-ey arms could only hold me up for 8 rapid breaths, and not the usual 10, but at least I practiced today. Last night I went to the ILI holiday party, which was unexpectedly nice. I never expect work social events to be fun, but this one was. I like my coworkers! Afterwards, Mark and I went to see Buck's show at DCAC.

Everyone knows my love is back in town, so I am happy!

Things found while packing: the first poem I ever published, in an issue of 108, guest edited by Tom Orange. Here's some of the original piece. It is weird:

It's just
a you!
I want
to pix-
ies. I
feel day.
Life. Sub-
ject: Pain-
ter mo-
thers, stran-
gled cats,
friends with
rats. Aah!
I con-
tradict my- self.


tmorange said...
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tmorange said...

to elaborate on the comment i just deleted:

"i want / to pix- / ies" is one of my fave lines ever. followed as it is by a simple and yet profound twist on the otherwise intimate mode of second person address: not "it's you!" (intimate, joyous discovery) but "it's a you" (impersonal, strangely alienating).


DUSIE said...

hi lorraine!!! i just 'found' you thru the dusie links / referral page thingy... you look beautiful! Ca must be treating you well! Frohen Weinachten!