Friday, December 09, 2005

albuterol essays Oman fever

Am hyper and shakey from albuterol and paranoid about making tea. I was supposed to take the GREs this morning but the f-ing test placed closed because of, like, three inches of snow. Even the Federal Government was open today. This is big problem, because I can't take off another day of work, I couldn't go in to work because they'd already arranged for a substitute. So I have been here all day with Lester cleaning and commenting on endless essays. I have done 30 so far, and am aming for 60. Do you think I can do it?

Some people I know isare moving to Oman! Hooray. I am truely powerful. I was campaigning for a move to Oman, I have obsessed about Oman for months, and now my psychic wishes have come true. Hooray!

I think that everyone has Oman fever these days. Including the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. I heart the Smithsonian, but it's still the government. A few years ago they focused on the Silk Road (while we were bombing Afghanistan and being smoochy with other central Asian republics). I feel like China was a focus on year duing Clinton. So now Oman. What does this mean. Why Oman? I didn't go to the festival because it was hot and I was overworked. Now I am cold (except for my left hand) and overworked, but at least I'll get to go to Oman. Maybe.

Here is another example of my amazing psychic powers. I was walking down the street this morning, swearing and cursing the wimpy GRE test proctors who could not drive to work in three inches of snow. Wimps! Selfish jerks! But then I began to think about Ryan Walker's writing, because he is going to read at Ruthless Grip tomorrow night with Lewish Warsh. And then I started writing his intro in my head. And then I heard someone honking, saw a white car and thought, F-off. Don't honk and me. Oh, that kind of looks like Ryan's car. Of course, I wasn't wearing my glasses and so had no idea who it was. But I walked up to the car and yelled, "who are you?" And it was Ryan. He rolled down the window and said "Hi."

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Kay said...

great! when do u arrive? the weather is improving drastically. not too sunny and humid anymore. so u'll really enjoy the first few months when the weather is pleasent and windy chilly in the evening.