Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's cold/places I like/there were no teaching screw ups today

I like places. It is good to be in a place. I like the computer lab at the Corcoran, you can see shadows of people walking around the museum above. I do not like any of the computer labs at Georgetown, although their equipment is in better condition, generally. I like most of the beaches on Georgetown Island, in Malaysia. But I haven't been there in a while and I think most of them are developed by now. I like Penang. I like Singapore. I like Shanghai--I like Shanghai very much. I like Bridge Street Books. I like the upstairs part of Bridge Street Books. I like the outside of the Old Executive Office Building. I like Malcom X park. I like the tidal basin. I like, um, some of the crappy suburban towns outside of Philly. I like Philly. I like Baltimore. I like Justin's house in Baltimore.

I like other places too but I will dwell on them or in them later.

There are no teaching screw ups to report. I did smear more marker on my face today than is usual, even for me. My current class of students never tell me.

It's cold and I have a cold, also. Also, my soup is cold.

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