Thursday, December 22, 2005

Make noise at sunset

Four quaker parakeets roosting on the telephone wires behind mom's house.

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Jessica Smith said...

hey KLG. how's home? i am having... fun... but doesn't it seem like there's nothing to do? i mean, we're blogging. that is what one does at home when one has nothing better to do. yet i have no desire to "do" anything. i think charlie and i are going xmas shopping tomorrow and eating at some more fancy restaurants. but there's not much to "do," no King Tut (I think I went to the exhibition when I was smoosh, too; i have some vague memory of something, but could that be possible? maybe it was another pharoah). I think that when one goes to one's hometown, if one's hometown is very boring like birmingham is, then one must have a friend or lover to accompany one, to share the experience with. it is just too weird a place to be in by oneself, without that ironic inside-joke feeling that one can derive from the company of someone else who realizes what a crazy place this is.