Monday, December 26, 2005

Here I am

My mom has FIVE books by Paul Bowles on her shelf--and everyone thinks I'm the weirdo of the family (note to mom, this is a compliment). This (the books on the shelf) has something to do with why I am an artist, writer, whatever.

I also am tempted to borrow The Rape of the Fly: Explorations in New Guinea, by John Goode, about Luigi Maria D'Albertis and Lawrence Hargrave's violent journey in the 1870s up 580 miles of the Fly River in what is now Papua new Guinea.

The OK Tedi (in, on, through which the OK Tedi mine is located,) flows into the Fly. Tabubil didn't exist then, though there were of course plenty of people living in the area, but D'Albertis and Hargrave did go through Teleformin, which is north and quite a bit east of Tabubil.

Here I Am says Paul Bowles.


tmorange said...

klg, you need to start checking out the real estate market in papua new guinea. avoid bali (too touristy). find an island within short sailing distance of bali and java though so one can go there readily. (for the music.)


Ray said...
WAS to POM $2195.00


LORRAINE, WHY aren't you at WORK??? We MISS you!!! Polly says, "Lorraine, where are you? Why aren't you here???" Alp and Methap says, "Hi. We miss you. How are your apples? How is Mark and Lester? [sic.] And mice?" SEE HOW MUCH THEY NEED YOUR LANGUAGE HELP??? Alp wants to write more. He won't go away. LEAVE ME ALONE, ALP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!