Saturday, December 10, 2005

As with any project undertaken, scope creep is a real danger.

"Scope creep?" Business and managerial language is ridiculous. If I have to comment on another essay about "leadership" I am going to....uh...comment on it anyway. Leadership is great. Hooray for leadership. But I'm not sure that having a bazillion people write essays that all say something along the lines of "a good leader is kind, organized, and charasmatic" is really the way to develop good leaders. And anyway, someone can lead people well and make them do stupid things. David Koresh. What about good followers?

O ye readers, BEWARE the scope creep.

Scope Creep is a good name for a villan.

And "creep" is another one of those words like "week." Double Es always look so weird to me. Sleep. Beep. Sheep. Meep. Is meep a word?

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