Sunday, December 11, 2005

things I find while packing

A 4 foot heavy ceramic rosary from the last time I was in Mexico. I'm going to be superstitious and say this is good luck. I miss Mexico and Asia terribly. Last night Tom, me Kaplan, Lewis Warsh and Cat had dinner at a Malaysian resturant and I ate Roti Chanai with curry. I ate so much Roti Chanai and curry in Malaysia and Singapore. I especially ate it in bus and train stations full of bats. Roti isn't always rolled, it's kind of thrown around.

Anyway, so I found a rosary. I also found one of my journals. I'm 12:

"I am so hungry. We are going out for brunch today. The olympics have started! The opening ceremonys were kind of hokey, oh well. It's a beautiful day out side. The sun, shining through my window woke me. I don't think it's all that warm, but, it's february, so what am I supposed to expect. I am so sorry that I couldn't see M-- play. It wasn't a jazz band concert, so he probly did not have that great A part. I don't know. Why do I like him so much? There are so many thinks that I want to do and know. I want to go back to stonhenge and to dive in the blue hole in Belize and see spring in Whales in Caer-Myrddin and see the mound where Galapas was perhaps buried. I'll never have enough money to do this. I have a good life, better than most people and I can play almost any wind insturment and arrange notes. Oh boy, here I go again, I can't get my mind off M--. He's not georgeous, he's not popular. Oh God Do I Love it when he plays drums! I love his drum set. It is black. It's not his but I think of it as his. I love this ache. It's not a painful ache, it is the type of ache that is like someone rubbing your shoulders when you are really really sore. I guess that hurts. Do you understand? No, you don't understand. You are a book. Y maent yr mynyddoedd yn canu, ac y mae'r arglwyddes yn dod. The mountains are singing and the lady comes. I love music. When I am alone I like to sing.

"I just got back from the park. I'm sick so I didn't run I just walked Cabal. This pen leaks. I'm getting blue ink all over my finders. I don't really want to go to school tomorrow. The weekend goes fast. When I was walking in the park today I was alone and I liked it. I sang a little. It is one of the most uplifting things in the world other than love. Without love we are empty. It is hard to love everyone. I love the grubby people on the street. I love the grass."

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