Thursday, December 08, 2005

Speaking of Famine

Which we did, today, in my EFL class. Lester is fascinated with my multicolored velvet shirt, and he is biting at it and making happy and agressive noises.

I poured boiling water all over my left hand last night. It was just great! I managed to give myself second-degree burns! I had to keep my hand submerged in cold water, directly under running water, or surrounded by bags of frozen goods from the freezer to keep from screaming. My least sucessful moment was when the bag of "mixed berries" defrosted and began to leak out onto my lap. After that I switched to frozen corn, which worked well. All night I slept with my hand in a bag of frozen french fries. This morning I kept my hand underneath a bag of frozen tater tots while I taught. At this point, the pain is now beginning to subside. I can keep my hand out of the freezer for more than a few seconds without going insane. Obviously, I need to get a proper ice pack.

Mmm. Tater tots.

Peter and Tina's reading was excellent. I have more to say about it. But I will not say it now. Nope.

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Jessica Smith said...

poor lorraine! that's awful! and you just got over being sick! i hope lester's taking good care of you.

tater tots are good.

my first memory--my first verbal memory (i have images, spatial relations in mind before this) is of my mom telling me that the stove was hot. she said "that's hot, baby, don't touch." she said it in a cooing voice. i think i was 2.