Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More things found while packing

More things found while packing:
  • Portable music stand
  • Wooden antique music stand that had been hidden in the closet to prevent it from being damaged (and used--what good is a music stand a closet?)
  • An extra copy of Piece pour flute seule by Jaques Ibert. What was I, a musician or something?
  • A t-shirt from Australia that has a Koala on it. I'd like to wear it, but it also says "Friends of the bush." I feel odd about wearing it given the current political context in the US. Too bad, I am a friend of the bush. But not of Bush.
  • Old ballet clothes--including two pairs of pink tights and an old pair of pointe shoes with broken shanks. I remember when those shoes broke.
  • A leather leash
  • Pictures of my graduation from GW. My hair is short and I look happy, and also as if I'm wearing makeup that's a bit too dark for my skin.
  • More than 7 pairs of thigh-high stockings in colors ranging from black to pink to white to silver.

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