Saturday, December 24, 2005

More Love, beach, bike rides

I have always enjoyed taking pictures of feet. I have many pictures of my own feet, since not everyone likes having their feet photographed. It's a little personal.

It's true that the beach and the ocean are beautiful and their sound is theraputic, etc.

Recent thinking/talking about fire: the Christmas tree might catch on fire. Did you see the building in town that burned down? That building looks like it deffinitely caught fire. The lamp is old and might catch fire and burn the house down. The live wires might and do burn things down. Did you hear the sirens? I must have lost it in the fire. I did loose it in the fire. Is something burning? What's burning? If my childhood mementos had all burned up, I'd probably be hyper aware, too.

Still writing a poem for the mlaaaah reading next week. I'd like to make things. Not that a poem isn't a think and writing isn't making.


Ray said...

On xmas day, as we unwrap presents, we burn the wrapping in the fire. The funny inks in the xmas wrapping turns the licks of flame to green, blue, purple. It is very pretty. I like fire. It is cozy and warm. Then again, my childhood mementos weren't burnt up either. Who do you know whose childhood had a fire in it? It is xmas eve, now. I wish it was tomorrow.

Jessica Smith said...

i like the idea of writing poems with one's feet. merry xmas!