Wednesday, December 27, 2006

There's a US Navy boat in port. A destroyer or something.

Woke up from my drug-induced sleep to the very early Adhan (أَذَان). I don't hear it during the day because of the traffic from the highway, but at around 4:30 am it was clear through the open windows. The sunsets over the fig trees are lovely, even though the highway is ugly.

The camping trip was postponed a night, but that's just as well, since I'm still not 100%. Another night of sleep like last night and I'll be well enough to go. I would have gone this evening, but it probably would have been a bad idea.

I don't know what my body is reacting to. If it were my normal allergies, Id be havine asthmatic symptoms, but I'm not, at least not more than usual. My aunt is allergic to nearly everything. This worries me.

Muscat is busy preparing for Eid. Mary and I went grocery shopping at by far the largest supermarket I have ever been in, and it was filled with Muslim couples loading up on food and gifts. I also bought some mangosteens (I've blogged about mangosteens before) and some spices--a mix of something, and dried hibiscus flowers. I love how spices are sold in bulk, and touching, smelling, and tasting is encouraged.

The traffic here isn't as bad as it is in SoCal, but it will be in 10 years, if not before. Muscat hasn't exactly embraced public transporation. There is even less of it here than in north county--I am suprised by this.


Ray-Ray said...

eek! Dried hybiscus flowers!!! that makes car-ca-day (phonetic, not real spelling -- i have no idea real spelling) which is my FAVORITE tea in the WORLD!!! one of the sudanese students at ILI heard this and brought me some back from Sudan, oh I LOVE car-ca-day -- I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!!!!

mike said...

They retired all the destroyers! Back in the 80's, didn't you get the memo? That's probably a cruiser that you're looking at. Small, a crew of about 117 sailors, maybe a Marine FAST Team, a shitload of missiles!