Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

I'm headed to the bash at the Shangri-La this evening--the neighbours have an extra ticket, so off I go. I'll still miss Mark and you all in DC : ( but at least I can miss you all in a lavish environment! I'll be ringing in the new year ahead of you, at 3pm this afternoon EST. Time to get dressed.


-k said...

Tres fancy! Too bad, though, about missing Cathy's food this year. I'll try to take pictures of the feast before it disappears.

Ray-Ray said...

Looooooraaaaaaaiiiiiiiine... I got socked in the face. By a fifty-five year old. Personal trainer. Man. There was blood EVERYWHERE. And yes, well, okay, I punched him first, but I'm not very strong and it didn't even hurt him. Despite that I guess I tried. But he was making fun of me! For going to Africa! And being really malicious and implying that I was a brainless hippy for working for an NGO and I've never PUNCHED anyone before, well, not REALLY. But I went RIGHT over onto the concrete and there was blood ev-er-y-where.