Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas & Christmas Update

Well, the hot water heater exploded for the third time this week, so there's no water again and the kitchen is flooded. We were having dinner at the neighbours, and Mary was actually telling the story of how it blew up the first time and she fell and hit her head, when Sarah came into the dining room and said "it happened again." Dad turned off the water, electricity and gas while Mary and I tried to get as much stuff out of the dark, steamy kitchen as possible. So, no hot water, etc. We've turned the electricity back on, but no water again.

The houses in this little enclave are ostentatious on the outside, but put together rather slapdash. Who the hell runs hot water through unlined PVC pipes?

I continue to have hives all over my face. I feeling telling everyone I meet "Actually, my face isn't usually red, blotchy and swolen." Allison remains the only non-sick person in the family, although Michelle seems more or less recovered and Sarah may also be on the mend. Dad, Mary and I are at various stages of a bug that starts with a congested head and then m oves into a sore throat and finally a congested cough. I haven't been sick in ages--so I suppose this is just my once every 3 years moment of being really sick. It's bad timing. But, Mary is a nurse, and I can get to a doctor easily and get prescription drugs for a lot less than I can back in California. So maybe it's not bad timing after all.

I plan to spend most of tomorrow reading my history of the Arab world & drinking tea with calamine lotion all over my face and neck. If I'm feeling really good I'll check out one of the parks in Muscat which is supposed to be a good place to birdwatch. The goal is for all of us to get better as quickly as possible so that we can go back to having fun, and so I can go adventuring. Dad gave me a guide to the birds of Oman, so I may simply sit on the balcony (again, drinking tea with calamine lotion all over my face and neck) and try to identify every bird that comes into the yard.


This is Dad and Winston on Azabia beach, Christmas Eve. Azabia beach is just down the road from where they live. Very big, flat, and empty.

All of us are sick, but we've had a good Christmas so far, and in a few hours we'll go over to the neighbours to eat. They put the turkeys (which were "slaughtered by hand with a knife as per Islamic rites") on the BBQ. I've never had turkey this way, but it should be good.

Allison says: "Even though it is Christmas in Oman, it is very hot! (Singing & dancing) I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year."


Ray-Ray said...

My cousins live on a slaughter farm in Normandie and they have to kill chickens differently if the chicken is for a Muslim -- they face them to mecca and slit their throats.

La la la, it's 6:05 AM on Christmas and I have to wait for everyone else to wake up!!!!!!!! Or go back to sleep myself!!!!!!!! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a quarter-century old and this waiting stuff is STILL hard.

Ray-Ray said...


Jessica Smith said...

oh wow-- lorraine-- eek-- well, birdwatching sounds good, and the beach looks lovely! poor kid. hugs. or-- no hugging-- i'll fix you some virtual tea.

ray, i still can't sleep xmas eve either. and i'm way older than you. and i got the 50th anniversary playdoh set for xmas.

mike said...

Merry Christmas!
You should come to America sometime. You should visit here, Washington DC, Capital of America Capital of the World.
We are getting things done over here.
America is doing things.
We are Americans.
We do things.