Thursday, December 21, 2006

I arrived. The trip was long but fairly easy. I made my connection in London, but my luggage didn't--hopefully it will be on the British Airways flight this evening. Amazingly, someone spilled something with me on every leg of the trip. Water, coffee, tea, red wine, in that order.

Muscat, what I've seen of it, is spread out--it actually reminds me of southern California to a certain extent. The new housing developments are basically suburbs, a golf course is planed, etc. The coast line is lovely and goes on for miles. Starfish. Colored rocks. Boys playing soccer. It's greener than I expected--they must be doing some serious irrigation and landscaping. Dry craggy mountains just beyond the city.

The hot water heater exploded shortly before I arrived, and Mary has a concussion from slipping and falling to get away from the falling heater and the exploding, scalding hot water. I was sorry to not be able to shower, but also kind of nostalgic--I've lived in many places overseas with exploding hot water heaters, no water, or both.

I also have hives all over my face! Hives aren't unusual for me, but I haven't had them in ages, and I haven't had them on my face in ages. I met the neighbours with a layer of white anti-itch cream smeared all over my face to help prevent me from tearing off several layers of skin. It sounds even better than it feels.

There are other, more interesting things to say. But I've really only been awake for 10 hours since I arrived. Taking notes. There's a coffee shop behind the house, between the gas station and the highway. I can't really go, but I can watch the patrons sit outside from one of the windows in the house. They drink coffee and watch either soccer or bellydancing projected onto an outside wall. Tomorrow I'm headed down the coast for the day. I have not spell checked this.


Ray-Ray said...

why can't you go to the coffee shop??? my favorite thing in Cairo was to go into the Arab-male-dominated coffee shops and try to challenge men at backgammon while drinking arab coffee.

i get hives too. a lot. i'm allergic to hershey's kisses (but not hershey's chocolate bars) and they give me hives. because it's not like you could just not eat kisses!!! i'm allergic to red seaweed, you know, the red tide stuff -- but not as allergic as many people -- but still allergic -- and most people don't swim in red tide -- but i can't HELP it -- how can you NOT swim in the sea when it's RIGHT THERE in front of you????? I get prescriped steroids A LOT. For hives. A LOT. so. sympathy.

i moved out of DC today.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

hives on face + salt water equals=PAIN! The rocks and shells on the beach here are great.

I've more or less had it for now with being the one (tough) woman at the resturant/bar/coffee shop.