Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No more articles about snow sports.

Of weather and clothing in Oman my stepmother says:
The mornings and evenings are a little cooler right now, the afternoon is still hot...90's. I sometimes wear a cardigan in the evening, and even wear jeans through out the day. The dress code is fairly relaxed for foreigners as we don't wear the abyaa. I still wear long skirts, pants, and shirts with sleeves. You'll also get away with wearing capri pants while out and about. We only wear shorts at home, at the american club and on the beach, (where bikinis and reg bathers are also OK. )


I do NOT want to finish this article about snowkiting. Or the next article about ski bobbing--also known as ski biking or snow biking.


-k said...

Last year when I first discovered Youtube I spent the whole time looking at videos of snowkiting and kite surfing. It looks pretty awesome, though I'd probably slam myself straight into a tree and break all the bones in my body.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

I saw someone kitsurfing the other day, and it was cool.

The good thing about snowkiting is that you can do it on flat surfaces, like frozen lakes or fields--the original snowkiters were midwesterners who did exactly that. It isn't until relatively recently that snowkiting has been attempted anywhere with trees.

And while I'm on this subject--snowkiting is one of the few extreme winter sports to have developed in the United States. Most of the others (extreme skiing/snowboarding, heliskiing/boarding, & ski biking all started in France and Canada).

Depending on the wind, you can also go uphill on a snowkite. It's probably the only winter sport where that's possible.

See, I've done my research. Now I just need to write.

-k said...

That's cool about the uphill element. I think you are now under an obligation to incorporate the word "sisyphusian" somewhere in the article, even if it doesn't quite fit.

It actually sounds like a fun article to write. Sometimes at the local Borders I get sucked into the sports literature section. Maggie goes off to look at the baby books, and I end up reading fifty pages about ultramarathons, competative eating, motorcross racing, or whatever.

The eating book has the terrific title _Horsemen of the Esophagus_.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Oh, you're right, it's totally fun.

Actually, this writing job is one of the best jobs I've ever had--every week I'm writing about different topics, although they usually have to do with sports, camping, food or health.

I think what I'm experiencing isn't a problem with subject matter, just a bit of burnout. I'm tired and unfocused.