Tuesday, December 12, 2006


There are so many small presses and small small presses and micro presses and presses that used to not publish interesting work that now sometimes do publish interesting work, sort of, and this has something to do with Fence and Verse/Wave, and has something not do do with this, and it has something to do with who is teaching at MFA programs and where, and the fact that some Language poets are kind of respectable even to folks who despise Language poetry, and that some "Post" Language people have jobs and are kind of respectable and even are interested in lyric. It has something to do with the fact that in poetry land even the Language, Post Language and Post Post Language poets are talking and writing about things other than 9/11. And something to do with blogs. And something to do with style.

It could also be that I am old and over worked. For example, untangling the connections between poets and people and new presses and magazines seems as daunting a task as going to Ikea.

Also, I only listen to 90s music and Sonic Youth.

I have a t-shirt with Creeley on it. If I were really stylish. I'd have just written, "I have a t-shirt with Bob on it." I cut off the collar and wear it to the beach where I read trashy sci-fi and fantasy novels. Also, I like to wear it to the beach at sunset, where I look out over the ocean and think about my greatness and how everything on earth is interconnected.


Jessica Smith said...

yay! what color is your creeley t-shirt? mine is grey. take a picture!!!

FENCE is the Democratic Party of poetry.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

It's pink on light green. Now it also has weird white spots, as if I bleached it, even though I did not. It just makes it look for beachy, though.

Kaplan, Rod--I seem to remember you found a postcard Creeley sent to someone from somewhere (yeah, specific, I know) that went" Dear (whoever it was)--wish you were here."

François said...

Oh??? Where did you get this fabulous t-shirt? I need one too!

K. Lorraine Graham said...

See? Style.

I got mine from Reckon's Etsy shop. In your hood, Francois--based out of Austin.

I'm tempted by the Myrna Loy one.

Mark said...

Ikea is owned by a neo-nazi, so walking into one should be daunting!

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