Monday, April 10, 2006

Since I came to California I have

1. Found a joint, a hat, a drivers license, a pack of cigarettes, and a pack of eclipse gum in the parking lot of the apartment complex where I live.

2. Inexplicably, begun to say "motherfucker" a lot. This is my least favorite swear in all the world, though also one of the most effective when telling off a man in the street. My employers swear, although they don't use this particular one. So perhaps that's part of it.

3. Had several conversations with people comparing astrologically signs. Today someone asked me what my rising sign is and I said I didn't know. Because I didn't. I just looked it up on Astrolabe. My rising sign is Aries--so apparently this is the first impression I give to others:

You are a free spirit and you must be first at everything you do. Very energetic, self-assertive and active, things must be done your way. Even though you may feel calm and serene on the inside, you certainly do not act that way. You want to do everything full-tilt, 100 miles per hour! A great competitor, but a poor cooperator -- you must learn how to lose more gracefully. Very self-confident, ambitious and passionate, you radiate positive energy. You are blunt and direct, but at times unfeeling and tactless, especially if anyone offers you any resistance. You fight for your beliefs, but your tendency to act first and think later often causes you much grief.

I'm not so into the words "free spirit," but whatever.

4. I have had conversations about health food and vitamin supplements. I've blogged about the King of Fruits before, but I'm sure I've never mentioned the Queen of Fruits, mangosteen. Mangosteen juice tastes like tart strawberry juice and apparently has lots of a particular antioxident called xanthone. Strangely, xanthone is used as an insecticide. Mmm.


Ray said...

My rising sign AND my moon sign are (apparently) sporpio. Hmm. I've often suspected I'm secretly a scorpio. Although I like my little cancer crab sun sign, too.

Did you chew the gum or did you throw it out? (I would have kept it with the intent to throw it out but then not thrown it out and chewed it anyway.)

Jessica Smith said...

mangosteen looks yummy. i think the aries rising stuff seems pretty accurate, except that i think you come off as more compassionate/wise than the description allows for, but maybe that's Cancer. i wonder what my rising sign is. saying "motherfucker" is kind of bad. are you recording trash?

Jessica Smith said...

ray, that explains a lot (about why you get into arguments and stuff). us scorpios are... difficult. as you know.

Jessica Smith said...

my rising sign:
If your Rising Sign is Capricorn, people would be shocked if you act eccentrically, as Sea Goats exude an old-fashioned, authoritative aura. Even if you feel like the life of the party, others expect you to be the picture of industriousness, the boss figure with an impeccible sense of decorum and tradition. You may intimidate others with your intense demeanor, but they'll look to you for order. Negatively, Caps can come across as pessimistic and hypercritical. If you can figure out how to use the Capricorn influence to your advantage, you could get your foot in almost any door.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Mmm, two scorpio dominated friends. Scorpio does dominate the house that supposedly influences my social group:

You, and your peer group, demand to confront life at its deepest and most meaningful levels. Very compulsive and obsessive in your approach to everything, you will avoid anything that is casual or superficial, especially when it comes to relationships. You will seek out and explore new methods of healing as well as different ways to deal with deep-seated emotional problems.

I am recording trash, and yes, the swear is bad. But the stuff I find in the parking lot is especially interesting.

I threw away the gum and cigarettes, and put the license up by the mail boxes.

Jessica Smith said...
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