Monday, August 06, 2007

Zahar is sugar. Bilberries are like blueberries.

According to Miekal And and Anon, "zahar" is sugar.

Miekal And also pointed out that I've been confusing afinata & tzuica. Afiniata is what I had, and is made with bilberries (and sugar) and tzuica (
double distilled is called horinca or palinka) is plum brandy.

So I had a home brew version of afinata, and it was good.

Someone send me to Romania again, and soon! Better yet, send Mark and I there together.


mark wallace said...

I still have to question whether the afiniata can be said to have been "good." Interesting, yes. And of course the only time I had it, it came from an old soda bottle that you'd brought all the way back from Romania. Still, in that context it tasted a little like a thick fruit juice mixed with gasoline.

Small Fry said...

I don't remember the gasoline flavor, but I remember everyone else thinking it had a gasoline flavor, except for one other person.

We actually were pouring it out of the old soda bottle into shot glasses while at Biddy Mulligans.

Ah, nostalgia.

douglang said...

Can't beat that gasoline.

Ah, Biddy Mulligans.