Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blogger thought this blog was a spam blog, so I couldn't post for a few days.

The reading in LA was great. I've hung out with Dana Ward in a number of cities, but I'd never heard him read--it seems like he's playing around with a variety of tones at the moment, though all very much within a kind of experimental lyric context. And I don't want to write like Susanne Dyckman, but I felt like I learned a lot from her extremely precise images and use of texture--I enjoyed both their readings.

Plus, Michelle Detoire and her partner came down for the reading! Yay!

I'm starting to feel familiar enough with LA audiences that I'm a bit more comfortable and relaxed reading, although a certain amount of nervous energy is essential to the way I perform. I was also glad to be able to see Stan before he heads off to Tampa for the foreseeable future. I read a brief section from See it Everywhere about a swimming, leaping iguana in honor of Stan and Tampa (and canals and Florida rivers).

To blog about later:

1. My little sister Sarah and her love of coconut shells and how she (like I used to and probable many other people) projects her longing onto seemingly bizarre objects.

2. How I never fantasized about my future wedding or house as a child or teenager, but I did spend hours diagramming the perfect horse barn, or cat jungle gym. So the fact that I have been fantasizing about building Lester a cage that is both inside and outside is nothing new. (How this also sounds, rhetorically, like frat-boy fantasies of having a permanent keg or a keg in the truck, etc).

3. I forgot


Michelle Detorie said...

It was so great to *finally* meet you. Your reading was great! Kurt and I really enjoyed it! I hope we can all get together soon!

mike said...

Argh, just like you! You're so vain!

Wooo! I'm moving to Maine!!!!!!

I'll be a copy desk editor for 2 newspapers. I am awesome!!!

Small Fry said...

Michelle, yes, definitely--I hope we can hangout either up your way or down here or in LA.

Mike, that's great news!--where in Maine? I graduated from high school in Blue Hill (which is kind of near Ellsworth which is kind of near Bar Harbor and Bangor).

I've been working on being more vain, so I'm glad it's working!