Sunday, August 26, 2007

I complain about the end of summer. I talk about birds, death, fish and feng shui.

1. It's the Sunday night of the Sunday night of the year. Mark might be blogging about this right now, only in a detailed way that is full of insight.

2. I hate being supervised. What I don't like about teaching online classes that supervisors just drop in whenever they want to make sure that you are responding and "facilitating" the class in the correct bureaucratic way. It reminds me of how most cubicle and office workspaces I've ever had have been designed to make it easy for people to look over my shoulder--back to the door, always.

3. One of the unidentifiable white ducks/swans at Buena Vista lagoon died--the one with the beak abnormality. They weren't Snow Geese or Ross' Geese. I'd been calling them "Farm Ducks" because they were completely white and their tail feathers were vertical in that farm duck way. On Thursday the bird that I think was male--the one with a weird lump in its beak--looked sick and weak. S/he didn't even make any kind of alert call when I stopped to look at it as I usually do. On Friday s/he was dead, lying sideways in the water. The other flew away or died or was killed elsewhere. I believe they were escaped farm ducks, or else ducks dropped off there, like people drop off at people's houses kittens sometimes.

4. I saw an Osprey on Thursday. It dove into the water with the classic Osprey stance--feet and head first.

5. Here are some medieval fish. People used to think that fish were uncountable. That is why water and fish are good Feng Shui. "There's always more fish in the sea," etc. Of course, this is not true.


Michelle Detorie said...

Aww...poor ducky!

Lots of people get ducks for easter and then dump them when they realize they are not forever tiny and yellow and fuzzy. Lots of these types of ducks are unable to fly, and so their chances in the wild are not so good. Still, most wildlife rehab places will take these ducks and place them someplace safe. You might try this place (yr in San Diego county, right?) next time you see an animal in distress:

Small Fry said...

I feel stupid that it didn't occur to me that they were farm ducks until the one was clearly ill. The place on the lagoon that I ride by has a regular mix of ducks, commorants, herons, geese, etc. So it wasn't until I got a good look at them that I saw they were 1) sick and 2) not geese.

Blech. Thanks for sending me this link, Michelle. I'm sure I'll have to call them in the future.