Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beach Town Aura

I am part of the Carlsbad beach town aura as I ride my bicycle to and from yoga class, wearing sandals, yoga bag slung over my back. And it's not just that Carlsbad has a beach town aura, it is a beach town. In California.

I frequently find it alarming to live in a California beach town, but it is August, and the weather here is perfect--so I'm not alarmed, just shocked and pleasantly disembodied. How can I possibly have a body if I'm part of an aura? May and June are like February back East, but now it is nice. I will never vacation in August as long as I live here.


tmorange said...

"How can I possibly have a body if I'm part of an aura?" -- that's one of th best questions i've heard in a while.

enjoy beachtown weather -- it's positively brutal here in the southeast...

p.s. going to hear gillian welch thursday!

Ryan W. said...

I don't believe that may and june are like february back east

Small Fry said...

Tom--yes, the southeast is probably sweltering. But I bet spring will be gorgeous.

Ryan--of course you don't believe me.