Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dear Future Non Employers

Asking for salary histories is a waste of time--my time and your time. You already have a budget for the advertised position. Why waste time not posting a salary range, receiving and going through resumes, then interviews, then asking for salary ranges which are usually way out of your budget? Why?


1. Because you have a lot of money and don't care if you waste even your own time or if your business / magazine makes any money.
2. I know you don't care if you waste my time.
3. Because you want to pay someone 20k for a job that in DC would be at least 40k even though the cost of living here is actually the same.
4. Because you don't really think it's worth it to hire someone who might do a good job and stay longer than a year.
5. You don't want to pay for my health insurance. Frankly, you are disturbed that I'm not married. You were hoping that I was a marginal stay at home mom forced to work 20-30 hours a week to make ends meet.


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mike said...

I am moving to Maine! I applied for a job as a reporter and they instead offered me the hard-to-fill position of copy desk editor. Which pays $10,000 more than a reporter. And they are going to pay me $3,000 more a year than they originally stated, without even a negotiation! I will be in Maine Wednesday night! I think I will learn so much it will be like getting paid to go to grad school.

Medical, dental, 401K, and a pension! Maybe you should move to New England!