Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Whenever I have a lot to do, I get the urge to bake

Our new stove was installed today after more than a week with no oven. Today, I'm thinking about cakes that require blood oranges and tube pans. I have blood oranges, but no tube pan--most have nonstick coating that's lethal to birds, and no cake is worth Lester's life, of course. I can't get solid information about silicone--some people say it's ok for birds and some don't. So, for now, my fancy cakes have to be about aluminum and parchment paper, whatever their ingredients. I have a sweet tooth.

Mark and I did split a very large and tasty red velvet cupcake on Sunday from Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock, where Joseph took us to breakfast before we headed home. Terri Wahl, the owner of Auntie Em's, used to front The Red Aunts. I have #1 Chicken and Ghettoblaster in my CD collection. Good cupcakes.

We're going to hear James Meetze and Amra Brooks at UCSD this afternoon. The last time I saw James was at that Vietnamese place in Chinatown in LA everyone goes to because it's so very convenient and where they often assume you want iced coffee even when you do not. People in San Diego see each other, but we don't bump into each other. I suppose I bump into people when I'm riding around town. And the bus drivers know me. I am happy with the pho there (the Vietnamese place in Chinatown), even though Joseph says there are better places, and I'm sure that's true.

Oooh, and I forgot to mention that we ate at Koko's in Van Nuys--the Middle Eastern Restaurant owned by Ara's uncle. It really was one of the best Middle Eastern meals I've ever had. One of the salad/dips we had was something with pomegranates, walnuts, and peppers. Maybe it was mahammar or mouhamara? I say mouhamara, because Ara said it probably contained pomegranate syrup and not whole pomegranates. And given the texture, I think he must be correct.

I must buy some pomegranate molasses!

But not until after the termite exterminators have come and gone.

Yes, next weekend, everyone will have to clear out of our apartment complex because they're going to spray nasty stuff all over everything. I have to bag up all our spices and everything in the fridge and freezer and any toiletries. It will suck. But at least we're going to stay with a friend nearby, and not a hotel.

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Jessica Smith said...

i love the new look of your blog-- that gourd-jugs picture entrances me.

red velvet cake! yum!