Friday, February 09, 2007

Too many jobs / Some reoccuring themes

Lester is plump and green. He's managed to play on his jungle gym more or less unsupervised for two days in a row. I enticed him to the jungle gym with dried chilies, walnuts and dried cherries.

is a large book.

Wall to wall carpet sucks. Carpets should be art. While in Oman I drank tea with two different keepers of carpet shops while they displayed many carpets for me to examine and judge. If I said anything like, "that is an interesting red color," they'd find more carpets with that color in it. For a while I even fantasized that it would be ok for me to spend $1500 on a carpet. And then I realized 1) it would be perfectly ok for me to spend this if I had it and 2) where would I put such a carpet? Answer: on the wall to wall carpet.

In spite of the carpet, I am very fond of where Mark and I live. There are many windows, the bedroom is cool and pleasant for sleeping, I have my own study where I can work and keep my books and action figures, the balcony is large, and the kitchen is not shut off from the dinning room.

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Jessica Smith said...

oh, i love real carpet. real carpets. the different kinds of patterns and colors from different cultures and parts of the world. carpets can be amazing.

i hate wall-to-wall carpet. it is especially awful if you have furry pets, which luckily you don't have.