Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We're going to hear Heriberto Yepez this afternoon at UCSD. I've been looking forward to this reading for a while, even if it does come in the middle of a ridiculously busy week! Too many late nights and early mornings for both Mark and I. I mostly know Yepez' critical work. I still haven't bought his book from Heretical Texts, Wars. Threesomes. Drafts. & Mothers, but I probably will this afternoon.

This from Yepez' "Translation as Matricide (the Sequal!)" Originaly in Chain #10:
Translation should become the transformation of one first language into (at least) two other languages.
Translation as the practice where the permanent presence of the first language takes place in the context of a second language.
Or this from "On Character"
“autobiography”. we should read this term the other way around, and say something like this: writing is always autobiographical. never writing on me. but: graphos (text) constructing bios (life) that appears as auto (on-itself). autobiography: language writing on itself and thus becoming “alive”.
and also this:
a character is not getting away from us, nor going (more) inside. none of us can be written. in order for “us” to be written (down) (=subjected) (controlled), in order for any of “us” to become text / even just one /, (we) need the presence of the others, their co-existence, due to the ghostly fact that there’s no single-one. no-one (none) can be written. always some of us left behind.

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