Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mark is my favorite because he is not passive aggressive.

He is also the best because he likes animals and watching animal shows with me.

Also, he has a wide-ranging taste in music, and understands that while I like avant-garde jazz very much, I don't always want to listen to Sun Ra at the end of the day.

Mark does not make fun of me for spending an hour in the bathroom applying flash eyelashes which is about how long it takes me--I can never get the knack of those things!

He supported my decision to not look for a regular office job when I moved here, even though I was worried that I wouldn't be able to piece together an income from freelance work. Several times, when I interviewed for perfectly decent full-time jobs that I didn't want, he supported my decision not to take them.

Also, Mark encourages nap-taking in the middle of the day, especially when I've been up late but had to work early.


Ryan W. said...

my favorite is the nap-taking. there's been a lot of good press on nap taking lately. it reduces incidence of heart disease. well duhhhh of course it does. I could have told them that. I guess flash eyelashes are... what are they? I will google it. woahh, just what I was afraid of. these are extensions. that's weird. no it's not. no, no it's not. I meant to comment something else about flarf but went here by mistake.

tmorange said...

some sun ra can actually be quite sonorous and soothing!....t.