Friday, February 16, 2007

We are preparing to leave the building this weekend while management pumps toxic gas into it to kill termites. Bagging up all of our dry food and the food in the fridge and the freezer is a pain.

Also, I bashed my knee this morning. It is fine now, but I hobbled through teaching. It wasn't as bad as the time I burned my hand and went to teach with it in a bag of frozen tater tots, however.

Lester is a young male bird in springtime with no girl bird to love. He's been a bit overwrought, and last night he sang rather loudly to his rainbow colored chew toy. I wonder if Arnold, the parrotlete Ryan lives with, ever gets this way. It's supposed to be quite common for parrotletes and amazons.

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Ryan W. said...

in Arnold it manifests as aggression. loudness and attacks on my ears and neck. I never even thought of it as lack of girl bird, but someone commented in my youtube something to that effect, when they saw him throwing a tantrum.