Monday, July 31, 2006

Day-old eye makeup is the best look I have

An easy trainride up to LA. We missed the bus and then figured out we could park for free at the Oceanside station. Joseph and Rita picked us up at Union Station and we headed straight to lunch at a Mexican market. Ate superfabulous tacos and a jicama salad with lime, orange, cilantro and the right amount of chili. Agua fresca. I do wish there were more places like that in the San Diego area--I'm not knocking the taco stands, but but but....

The jicama reminded me of the really cheesy bar my dad and I used to go to in the Zona Rosa in Mexico City. The guitarist always sang "Guantanamera." I'd eat jicama with lime and make sculptures out of the jicama sticks and toothpicks.

No, my stomach wasn't upset because I'd been drinking. When I'm hungover, I can't even lay on my back, let alone sit up and type.

Yeah, well, I'll have to write an actual trip report later, it seems.

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