Saturday, July 15, 2006

Housefinches, used furniture, Comanche

The last of the housefinches fledged this morning. One of the baby finches would have come in our apartament yesterday evening if we hadn't shut the door. I am going to write the saga of the housefinches this week--it continues, of course, inspite of the fact that everyone has fledged. They can't fly very well. They flutter from one low bush to another, while the mom and dad birds peep loudly and keep watch. The dad bird has been keeping an eye on the black cat in the green grass, both taunting it and weary of it at the same time.

Mark and I went up to Oceanside this afternoon to look at the used furniture stores. I bought a pair of jeans at Goodwill, where we also picked up a wine rack and two wine glasses, since most of the ones I brought back from Queretero three or four or five years ago have broken.

I'm tan. DC folks were commenting on my tan even before I left for California. But I tan very easily, inspite of my blonde hair. It's the Comanche in me. I could register for tribal affiliation, but I've always resisted. Unlike my father, who actually spent time on reservations and had some connection to his grandmother, who had some connection to Comanche tradition, language, etc...I have nothing. Except the ability to tan easily.

I grilled swordfish this evening. It was good.


Ian Keenan said...

If it makes you feel better, two of the three compact discs I purchased in Queretero broke, except for Festival en Guerrero which I listen to quite frequently.

Ray said...

pictures!!! of baby birds!!! NOW!!!

tmorange said...

i went thrifting yesterday too! new pairs of levis (one faded denim, one black, perfect fits both), pair of gap khakis (need to be shortened and inch), pair of decent pants (need to be let out a bit), pair of lee dungarees (khaki colored painter's pants, never owned (dungarees"!), three polo shorts (grey, gold and olive) and one button-down (olive navy gold and white plaid): 37 bucks!

Jessica Smith said...

I second Ray's demand for baby birds. Or of Dad Bird teasing Cat. Also works. Birds!!