Monday, July 17, 2006

bayna tiin yanbut ("between" "figs" "it grows")

Wall to wall carpet. Why? It's nasty. I'd prefer linoleum, even, to wall to wall carpet.

I'm editing and trying to learn the arabic alphabet.


Jessica Smith said...

i totally agree. i lived with wall-to-wall carpet for four years. wall-to-wall linoleum is even better! hardwood floors are the only way to go. i don't understand why carpet was ever made to go wall-to-wall. that was a bad idea. it is gross. it feels gross. i am vehemently against wall-to-wall carpet. :)

Jessica Smith said...

i think you should get a job as a spy, since you know chinese and now you will know arabic. you can be a leak, and warn the other countries when we're going to be mean to them. but you'll have to be very good at it or you'll get fired or shot pretty fast. luckily, someone has already sort of done this. you can watch reruns of Alias and figure out how to do it properly. that girl is still alive.